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Vivarium Equipment


  1. CLAMS units (two, with 16 cages each by Columbus Instruments) for the real-time monitoring of whole animal metabolism. VO2consumption, VCO2 production and locomotor activity are measured. The respiratory quotient (RER, RQ), which indicates substrate utilization (fats X carbs), is also obtained.  
  2. Minispec LF-50/mq 7.5 NMR (Brucker Optics) analyzer for the non-invasive assessment of body composition of wake mice.
  3. BioDAQ system (Research Diets) for the accurate monitoring of food and liquid intake or preference.
  4. Metabolic Cages (Tecniplast) collect by-products from single mouse. Chamber accurately separates urine and feces. 12 units system
  5. DSI Telemetry Systems (Data Sciences International) for the in-vivo, real time and wireless monitoring of locomotor activity, temperature and sleep profiles (EEG).
  6. MC4000 blood pressure and heart rate analyzer for mice (Tailcuff method, Hatteras Instruments).
  7. Mouse Ox Plus Vital signs monitor (Starr Life Sciences) assesses breath rate, arterial oxygen saturation and heart rate  from conscious or anesthesized mice non-invasively