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Access to Technologies and Collaborations

Access to Technologies

The Scripps Research Institute has made a major commitment to the acquisition, development, and expanded use of advanced technologies for the post-genome era of modern biomedical research.

Scripps Florida's Translational Research Institute combines basic research with advanced technology platforms organized into scientific ‘cores’ or ‘centers’ to develop potential lead compounds that can prevent, treat, or cure disease. These core technology groups work closely with the various academic departments as well as the drug discovery group within the Translational Research Institute to bring advanced technologies to bear on complex biological problems.

All of the cutting-edge technology within our scientific cores is accessible to researchers throughout the State of Florida, both on a fee-for-service basis and/or through scientific collaborations with our faculty members.  Other links in the Technology Access section provide overviews of each of our scientific cores, describe the services offered, and give contact information for those interested in learning more.

Scientific Collaborations

An important goal of Scripps Florida is to foster interactions with faculty at other institutions. Peer-to-peer collaborations, those funneled through individual Scripps Florida scientists, are the most appropriate route for these activities. Researchers interested in exploring opportunities for scientific collaboration should consult our Faculty Directory or Research Areas pages and directly contact faculty members whose research provides collaborative opportunities with their work.