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High Performance Computing Resources

In addition to maintaining a commodity information technology (IT) environment for supporting our internal business systems and utility computing needs (such as e-mail, basic storage, and network access), Scripps Florida maintains a high-performance computing (HPC) and storage environment specifically designed for solving high-throughput and data-intensive research computing problems.

As many independent research institutions or biotechnology startups do not have the necessary resources to purchase, maintain, or effectively use these types of complex systems, Scripps Florida seeks and encourages collaboration with external researchers interested in this technology.

Scripps Florida primarily utilizes this HPC technology to solve problems and simulate experiments in the areas of molecular dynamics, protein analysis and identification, sequence alignment and annotation, and structure determination via x-ray crystallography and homology modeling. However, we are interested in exploring collaborations on any types of data-intensive scientific problems. 

Current Resources:

Our primary HPC cluster, named “Sepa,” currently consists of more than 456 processors and 456 GB of distributed memory. The system uses a distributed batch queuing system called “Sun Grid Engine.” This software provides researchers a simple ways to submit complex jobs to the compute cluster.

In addition to the HPC cluster, we also maintain several small-scale SMP machines for memory-intensive tasks. Also, two large dedicated SMP machines are available. These machines each have 128 GB of RAM and 32 cores, making them ideal for large computational tasks that can not be run on the HPC cluster.

Connections of up to 10 Gb/s to peer research institutions are possible over the National LambdaRail and Internet2 research networks.

Scripps Florida also maintains a large-scale tape backup and disk archival system. The system is capable of scaling to provide up to 2.4 petabytes of uncompressed capacity.  

Contact Information:

Please contact JC Ducom at for inquiries about scientific research opportunities that may benefit from our systems or expertise. (Note: Vendors interested in offering computer products and services to Scripps Florida should contact our Procurement Department at