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Genomics - Next Generation Sequencing Platforms

Ion Torrent platforms

PGM for genes. Proton for genomes.

Powered by fast, simple, scalable semiconductor chips, the Ion PGM™ Sequencer and Ion Proton introduced an entirely new approach to sequencing, making it dramatically faster and more accessible. 

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PGM – Personal Genome Machine

The Ion Torrent PGM can provide up to 2Gb of sequencing data.  With reads up to 400 bases in length, this platform is ideal for sequencing small genomes, sets of genes, or performing gene expression profiling or ChIP-Seq. A total of 4-5 million reads cab be sequenced in less than 7 hours.  Using Ion AmpliSeq™ Custom Solutions, researchers can interrogate targeted genomic regions using up to 1,536 amplicons in a single tube, in a single day.   The Ion PGM™ Sequencer is faster than any other next-generation sequencer, requiring as little as 90 minutes to do an entire sequencing run. 

Ion Proton

The Ion Proton™ Sequencer is based on the next generation of semiconductor sequencing technology that made the Ion PGM™ Sequencer the fastest selling sequencer in the world. The Ion Proton currently produces up to 15 Gb of sequence data with read lengths up to 200 bases and supports several applications including whole transcriptome and whole exome sequencing. The Ion Proton System can generate up to 60-80 million reads in only 2-4 hours, making it ideal for obtaining fast and reliable data.  The PII chip for the Ion Proton, scheduled for release in the last half of 2014, has an advertised output of 30 Gb, sufficient for whole genome sequencing.

SOLiD (Applied Biosystems) platforms

The SOLiD (Sequencing by Oligonucleotide Ligation and Detection) systems are a ligation-based sequencing with 2 base encoding, yielding a 99.99% accuracy.  The inherent error-checking properties of two-base encoding and a reduction in raw error rates provide highly accurate data with more than 80% of bases having quality values of ≥30.  For a description of the chemistry, please click here 


SOLiD4 is a pioneer sequencer that produces high quality data.  A single slide can yield up to 600M usable beads, allowing researchers to do multiplexing of up to 16 samples.  The SOLiD4 can produce single- or pair-end. The Genomic Core has extensively used this machine, which has been producing reliable data over the years.

SOLiD 5500XL

With a system accuracy of up to 99.99%, the 5500xl Genetic Analyzer enables you to perform 25% less sequencing to detect rare variants than a next-generation sequencing platform with 99.99% system accuracy in order to detect somatic variant present at 1%. The industry-leading accuracy of the 5500xl Genetic Analyzer enables detection of significant biological variation for applications like whole genome resequencing, targeted resequencing, and whole transcriptome analysis.  System is capable of 50 or 75 bp read length with or without 25 or 35 bp paired end reads. Mate pair libraries can be sequenced at 60 bp x 60 bp. 

Illumina Platform

NextSeq 500

Next Seq 500

The NextSeq500 is the newest addition to the industry-leading Illumina next- generation sequencing (NGS) system portfolio. The NextSeq 500 fast, integrated, sample-to-results workflow enables rapid sequencing of exomes, whole genomes, and transcriptomes in a single run. The NextSeq500 supports a broad range of sequencing applications and offers tunable read length (75bp, 150bp and 300bp) and multiple output configurations providing up to 400 Million reads for single-end and 800 Million reads for pair-end sequencing runs.  Additionally, the NextSeq500 is fully integrated with BaseSpace to offer automated bioinformatics workflows and data sharing in the cloud.