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Genomics - Sample Submission

We encourage all investigators to briefly discuss their experiment with Pabalu Karunadharma prior to submission of samples.  RNA or DNA samples are directly submitted to the Genomics Core.  The quality/quantity of the received nucleic acids will be evaluated using Bioanalyzer and Qubit.  The Genomics Core staff will prepare libraries for Next Generation Sequencing depending on the preferred platform indicated by the investigators, and run the sequencing.  For microarray analysis, the staff will also prepare the samples and run the hybridization and scanning.  A preliminary bioinformatics analysis will be performed.  

Please complete the online form and submit it to the Genomics Core.  Then, fill out the "Core Services and Approval Invoice", and bring it signed by the Principal Investigator financing the services, together with the samples.  Samples will not be accepted without prior submission of both forms.