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Cell Based High-Throughput Screening Core

Assay Development and Screen Optimization 

To determine optimal conditions for your assay, we recommend evaluating a matrix of different assay conditions.
Reporter’s amount, sensitivity, stability, as well as transfection reagent efficiency, toxicity and cost are all areas to address. Cell lines, density, and optimal assay time also need to be address. We have evaluated a wide range of DNA transfection and the best results with Fugene, Xtreme-Gene and Lipofectamine provide robust transfection efficiencies with minimal cellular toxicity.

Typical assay conditions are .3µl of transfection reagent, 40ng of reporter with 4,000 cells per well.

Assay read out formats include: luminescence, fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, absorbance, time-resolve fluorescence resonance energy transfer (TR-FRET).

CBS can provide hit-picks and subsequent follow up experimentation.

Please contact Sahba Tabrizifard for additional information and pricing.