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Informatics Core - Proteomics


The Proteomics Focus Area provides expertise in analyzing and interpreting data generated by mass spectrometry experiments.

Services Provided:

  • Label-Free Differential Expression analysis
  • Discovery of unexpected amino acid point mutations
  • Interrogation of protein-protein or protein ligand interactions via hydrogen deuterium exchange
  • Unlabeled proteomics quantitation between samples
  • PTM detection and analysis
  • Protein sequencing
  • Peptide mass fingerprinting
  • Detection of labile PTMS and low abundance peptides

We have experience and publications in:

  • Integration of Proteomics and genomics data
  • Mass spectrometry calibration software
  • MS1 data analysis
  • Proteomics pipeline development and integration
  • Development of proteomic algorithms and protocols
  • Development of software for automated analysis of HD exchange MS data