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Scripps Florida Society of Research Fellows


  • Facilitate communication and collaboration between postdocs and faculty.
  • Promote the education and exposure of postdoctoral fellows to the multitude of Ph.D. career prospects.
  • Support postdocs in their professional development.
  • Foster the development of a social environment conducive towards an optimal research training experience

The Scripps Florida Society of Research Fellows (SF-SRF) is a nonprofit, all volunteer organization whose goal is to enhance the professional, academic, and social lives of postdocs within The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) campus located in Jupiter, Florida. In part, we strive to achieve these goals through organizing various professional and social events. These events are designed to provide a networking platform for career development and to foster a sense of community among the diverse set of postdocs at TSRI.

The SF-SRF was founded on the Scripps Florida campus in 2007. Physically separated from the Scripps campus in La Jolla California, the SF-SRF was created to serve the needs of the ever-increasing pool of Scripps research fellows in Jupiter, Florida. All postdocs are encouraged to get involved in SF-SRF by attending our monthly meeting, usually the third Thursday of each month. The meeting minutes are available below. Please feel free to read the SF-SRF constitution for additional information.

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