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The Mark A. Hall Memorial Travel Award

Photo of Mark A. HallApplication Deadline: June 1st, 2018

The Mark A. Hall Memorial Travel Award is named in memory of Dr. Mark A Hall, a bright postdoctoral scientist with a promising future in the Cancer Biology Department here at Scripps Florida. The goal of the SRF sponsored Mark A. Hall Memorial Travel Award is to support postdocs pursuing advanced training in the biomedical and behavioral sciences. The program offers postdoctoral trainees the opportunity to participate in premier scientific meetings.  The SRF will give out two travel awards in late winter to provide balanced year-round coverage in conjunction with up to four Robert M. Sandelman travel awards, which are given out in October by the postdoctoral office and funded by the Robert M. Sandelman Endowment. 


The Mark A. Hall Memorial Travel Award is designed to afford postdoctoral scholars the opportunity to either present their research to a community of their peers or develop expertise and connections relevant to their desired career trajectory. 


  1. Only full-time research associates may apply.

  2. Active participation in the meeting or conference (i.e., oral or poster presentation) is required if attending a scientific meeting. In the case of co-authored papers, both authors are eligible. This requirement is waived if the applicant desires to attend a meeting for purposes of professional development. 

  3. A research associate can submit only one proposal per evaluation cycle.

  4. Previous TSRI SRF Postdoc or Sandelman Travel Award recipients are NOT eligible.

  5. Must attend two SRF meetings or volunteer at another event hosted by the SRF.

  6. Winner will be required to give a 10 minute presentation on either the research they will be presenting at the sponsored conference or the unique professional development opportunities they believe will arise from their attendance at the sponsored conference (depending on the award track). This presentation can be done at any of the remaining SRF Meetings this year.

To be eligible, applications need to be submitted by email or at the SRF Meeting on June 1st. Winners will be announced during the July SRF Meeting. The SRF will award TWO grants of up to $1,000 each. Individual departmental administrative assistants will process the paperwork and distribute the money. Upon receiving notice of receipt of award, reimbursement will require proof of conference attendance and receipts, following the standard TSRI travel reimbursement policies.

Specific Proposal Guidelines

For a travel award to attend a scientific conference: 

  • Application form, signed by PI
  • Meeting description: include name, date and location of the meeting, as well as a paragraph describing how attending this meeting will advance your career as a researcher
  • Abstract: please provide an abstract (max. 300 words) of the research that will be presented at the meeting; this abstract need not be identical to the one submitted to the conference, but it should pertain to the same research project.

For a travel award to attend a career/professional development meeting: 

  • Application form, signed by PI
  • Meeting description: include name, date and location of the meeting, as well as a paragraph describing how attending this meeting will contribute to your career goals and professional development
  • Resume: this should be a shortened version of your CV (max. 2 pages), but aside from your academic/scientific accomplishments, it should also include any information—if applicable—about your involvement in activities that are relevant to your career goals (student committees, professional development events, education outreach, etc.).


The meeting description and abstract documents of applications that meet minimal quality standards will be assessed on a five point scale by an internal committee, made up of two faculty members and two previous SRF members. The applicants will be divided according to whether they attended a scientific conference outside of Palm Beach County in the two years prior to the submission deadline, and the application with the best average score in each respective pool will be selected. In case of a tie (less than 0.25 points difference), applicants with past volunteer service to SRF will be preferred, and in lieu of that, preference will be given to applicants who regularly attend SRF meetings.


Q: What will the award cover?

A: Fees and expenses associated with attending a specified scientific conference. This can include airline tickets, hotel expenses, ground transportation fare, and registration fees.

Q: Can I apply for the award before I’ve been notified of my abstract’s acceptance? Can I apply for the award even if I’m not 100% sure I will attend?

A: Yes. If you win the award, you will not receive any reimbursement from SRF until you produce receipts or proof of registration. If you win the award, then find out you will not be attending the conference, please notify us as soon as possible so we can choose another recipient.

How to Apply?

Download the application form from the link below and submit it directly to Tarsis Brust.

SRF Travel Award Application

Please direct any questions to Tarsis Brust.

Past Mark A. Hall Travel Award winners

       2017 -  Mohammed Amir Mohammed Afaq

       2016 - Cristina Grande, Olga Ostrovskaya

       2015 - Sohail Khoshnevis, Rodrigo Pacifico, Xiuling Li and Emin Ozkan

       2013 - Cesare Orlandi and Kristine Griffett

       2012 - Guillaume Mousseau 

       2012 - Nicole Rogers

       2011 - Alex Price

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