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Operating both in La Jolla, California, and Jupiter, Florida, the Department of Chemistry of The Scripps Research Institute has a strong representation on the Scripps Florida campus. This bi-coastal presence of chemistry stems from its ubiquitous and indispensable nature within biomedical research and other disciplines within the life sciences. Furthermore, the establishment of chemistry and biology laboratories within close proximity is recognized as an essential component of interdisciplinary research aimed at major biomedical breakthroughs and their translation into medicines. 

Chemistry at Scripps Florida builds on its current strength in chemical biology as broadly defined and focuses on the development of enabling technologies to turn biological insights into small molecular probes, therapeutic leads, ultimately drugs to solve global health challenges, as well as to provide chemistry expertise and serve as small molecule foundation for biologists on the Florida campus to explore biology using small molecules and accelerate translational research.    While scientists in the department are pursuing and advancing their own fields, they have also established interdisciplinary collaborations with other investigators in the biology departments both at the Jupiter and the La Jolla campuses as well as in the Translational Research Institute. The environment at Scripps Florida is particularly conducive to such collaborations, which focus on both basic biomedical research and the drug discovery process. With regards to the latter initiative, chemistry faculty are working with colleagues from other departments on discovery biology, lead identification and optimization, and drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics in their efforts to discover new drug candidates. Targeted areas include cancers, Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases, aging, diabetes, and other metabolic diseases, and infectious diseases including bacterial, fungal, viral, and parasitic diseases. 

For more details on individual faculty and their projects, see the faculty webpages.