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Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
“Food Comas” Turn Out to be Real, Physical Conditions

The Daily Mail
Study explains how trend of protein-heavy meals and snacks is inducing more 'food comas'

The Huffington Post
Have A Food Coma? Blame Salt And Protein.

Sci News
Study: Large, Salty, or Protein-Rich Meals Induce Post-Meal Sleepiness

Men's Fitness
Can Too Much Protein Put You in a 'Food Coma?'

Scientists Pinpoint Regulator of Amphetamine Induced Motor Activity

Laboratory Equipment
Scientists Discover Clues to Altered Brain Wiring in Autism

Philanthropy News Digest
Scripps Research Institute Receives $1.1 Million for Fellowships

Laboratory Equipment
What Does it Take to Make a Memory? New Proteins, Study Says

Farris Foundation donates $1.1 million to fund TSRI Graduate Fellowship in Florida

TSRI scientists discover key molecular player in inherited disorder and morphine addiction

Science Magazine
Two major California research institutes will merge

Drug Discovery & Development Online
Scientists Awarded Special Grant to Develop Memory-Altering Medication for Addiction

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
TSRI, Calibr Partner on Translational R&D

Environment News Service
Zika Most Damaging During Rapid Brain Growth

The Palm Beach Post
Scripps Florida scientist studies “scalpel” to remove addicts’ memories
New protein discovery could target obesity and type 2 diabete

South Florida Sun Sentinel Online
Scripps awarded grant to research drug that could erase meth-induced memories

Drug Discovery & Development Online
Scientists Identify Potent New Anti-Obesity, Anti-Diabetes Target

The Palm Beach Post
NIH data dive: Another record haul for Florida scientists

NIH Director's Blog
Creative Minds: Can Diseased Cells Help to Make Their Own Drugs?

South Florida Sun Sentinel Online
3 S. Florida companies are semifinalists in BioFlorida competition