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International Business TImes Australia - Online
New experimental antibiotic could inhibit life-threatening viral infections with no cure

Drug Discovery Today - Online
Scripps Florida Scientists Unveil Critical Mechanism of Memory Formation

Vaccine News Daily
Scripps researchers find compounds to treat tuberculosis
Scientists unveil critical mechanism of memory formation

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Online
Novel Therapeutics Show Promise for Treating Persistent Tuberculosis | GEN News Highlights | GEN

Reuters Online
Boehringer Ingelheim Will Invest 11 Billion Euros in Research and Development in the Next Five Years to Accelerate the Discovery of Next Generation Medical Breakthroughs

Laboratory News - Online
Key receptor for autism treatment identified

Scripps research low key but cutting edge

Town-Crier Newspapers - Online, The
Foundation Hosts Annual Girls Leadership Institute

Medical News Today
New study reveals how specialized cells help each other survive during times of stress

Bioscience Technology Online
How Specialized Cells Help Each Other Survive During Stress

Palm Beach Post
Editorial: Long-term vision needed to reap biotechnology payoff

Palm Beach Daily News Online
Scripps Florida to sponsor Palm Beach Civic Association

The Palm Beach Post
Top 5 data dive: Florida’s top research organizations

Palm Beach Civic Association
Scripps Florida Strengthens Community Ties as Civic Association Sponsor

Palm Beach Post Online, The
STEM program for girls planned at Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter

Inside Science News Service - Online
Blocking Memories Of Meth

Palm Beach Post Online, The
Scripps Florida scientists tackling HIV, cancer, effects of old age

Sun Sentinel
Students 'think pink' to raise money for breast cancer research

Palm Beach Post, The
Jupiter scientist’s plan to 'trick' incurable diseases wins $4.8M

South Florida Sun Sentinel Online
Scripps scientist one of 13 to receive national award

Palm Beach Post, The
Scripps gets $6 million from Bill Gates’ group for HIV vaccine work

Medical News Today
Scripps Florida scientists identify key neurotransmitter receptor as potential target for individualized treatment of autism spectrum disorder

Drug Discovery & Development Online
Scientists Identify Key Receptor as Potential Target for Treatment of Autism

Tech Times
Scratch No More: Scripps Researchers Discover Promising Treatment For Chronic Itch With No Side Effects

MD Magazine
New Findings on How Morphine Works in the Brain

Compound that may treat chronic itch identified

Drug Discovery & Development Online
New Drug Target Could Shed Light on Opioid Addiction

San Diego Union-Tribune Online

Philanthropy News Digest
Scripps Florida Receives $6 Million to Develop AIDS Vaccine

Bioscience Technology Online
New Drug Target Could Shed Light on Opioid Addiction

Scripps Florida nets 4-year, $6M grant from Gates Foundation for HIV vaccine

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
Important Morphine Regulator Found That May Reduce Painkiller Abuse

Bloomberg News - Online
Scripps awarded Gates Foundation grant for HIV vaccine development [Sun Sentinel]
Scientists identify key morphine regulator that may reduce risk of pain-killer abuse

The Scientist
New Scripps Research Institute Leadership

South Florida Business Journal
Scripps moves out of transitional phase, picks new leadership

Scripps hooks duo to lead major biomedical institute

DDNews Online
Bicoastal discoveries from Scripps

Body, The
Stabilize or Stimulate? A New Approach to Attacking the HIV Reservoir

Bloomberg News - Online
Scripps Fla. aims to turn money from bucket fad to ALS game-changer

Structural Discoveries Could Aid in Better Drug Design

Palm Beach Post, The
$2.8 million in grants awarded to Scripps for HIV research in Palm Beach County
Industry News: Scripps Florida Scientists Collaborate to Determine First Structure of Crucial Plant Hormone

Boca Raton Magazine Online
Preventing drug relapse | Boca Raton Magazine

Huffington Post, The
Memory-Erasing Drug May Help Prevent Meth Addicts From Relapsing

Scientists determine how antibiotic gains cancer-killing sulfur atoms

Headlines & Global News
New Drug Promises Instant Cure For Meth Addiction By Erasing Memory

Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence
How aging cripples the immune system

Publishers Weekly
Declaring War On Alzheimer’s

The Washington Post
Scientists may have found a way to make you forget that you’re addicted to meth

International Business Times Canada
Scripps Researchers Find Promising Way To Eliminate Ghosts Of Addiction, Drug-Associated Memories

Scottish Daily Express - Online
Secret anti-aging remedy revealed – and it's in your fridge

DailyMail Org
Eating plenty of fruit and veg DOES help us live longer - by keeping our immune system young and more able to fight infections

Yahoo! News (UK)
Antioxidants could help fight age-related decline of thymus, say scientists

Daily Mail
The injection that could instantly cure addicts: Researchers reveal compound that can instantly erase memories of drug use

New therapy to help addicts put memories of meth use behind them

Everyday Health
5 Things You Can Do About a Bad Night's Sleep

Science World Report
Erasing Memories: Could New Discovery Help Prevent Relapse In Drug Addicts?

Scripps team finds a drug that fights addiction by eliminating memories

Team advances therapy preventing addiction relapse by erasing drug-associated memories

Sleep Review
Scripps Florida Scientists to Study Drug Candidates for Circadian Rhythm Disorders - Sleep Review

R&D Magazine
Searching for a Functional Cure for HIV

Drug Discovery & Development Online
Scientists Receive $1.4M to Study Drug Candidates for Neurological Disorders, Other Diseases

South Florida Sun Sentinel Online
Scripps Florida gets $2.9 million to study Parkinson's, depression

Drug Discovery & Development
Scientists Win $1.5 Million to Study New Strategies for Parkinson’s Disease and Other Disorders

Florida Times-Union Online, The
Money from Ice Bucket Challenge helps pay for ongoing research into ALS at Jacksonville's Clinic

South Florida Sun Sentinel Online
Scripps awarded HIV drug research grants

Medical News Today
Scripps Florida scientists pinpoint mechanism for altered pattern of brain growth in autism spectrum disorder

Suncoast News - New Port Richey
Drug from sponge offers new approach to controlling HIV

Mechanism for altered pattern of brain growth in autism spectrum disorder discovered
Scripps Florida Scientists Pinpoint Mechanism for Altered Pattern of Brain Growth in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Drug Discovery Today - Online
Small RNAs Found to Play Important Roles in Memory Formation

Dallas Sun
New drug compound may reduce HIV potency

New drug shows promise in silencing HIV

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
miRNAs Found to Play Dual Role in Memory Formation
Small RNAs found to play important roles in memory formation

South Florida Sun Sentinel Online
Scripps awarded grant for diabetes research

Orthopedics This Week
Study: New Approach to Developing Bone-Forming Cells

Camden Herald
Gerritsen launches second War on Alzheimer’s

International Business Times, The
Scientists Discover Promising Treatment For Osteoporosis

Scripps Florida study points to drug target for Huntington's disease — CheckOrphan

Tech Times
Want Sharper Memory? Enough Sleep Helps

University Herald
Scripps Scientists Win $2M Grant To Study Protein Linked To Parkinson's Disease

Psych Central
Animal Study Shows How Sleep Keeps Some Memories Alive

Yahoo! Canada
Potential 'new osteoporosis' therapy identified

Medical News Today
Scientists find way to boost bone-forming cells, raising osteoporosis prospects

Antitumor Agent Can Be Activated By Natural Response To Cell Stress

Drug Discovery & Development Online
Scientists Identify a Potential New Treatment for Osteoporosis

The Telegraph
Bone could be regrown to treat osteoporosis after breakthrough

NYC Today
Scientists from Scripps Research Institute devise mechanism to boost bone-forming cells

Orlando Sentinel Online
Scripps awarded $2.1 million to study Parkinson's
Scientists show antitumor agent can be activated by natural response to cell stress

South Florida Business Journal - Online
Scripps Florida researchers win $2.2M grant to study obesity in diabetics - South Florida Business Journal
Understanding the antimicrobial action of borrelidin: an interview with Dr Min Guo, TSRI

The Business Journals
Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists Announce 2015 Finalists

Scientists Have Found a Powerful Anti HIV Agent that Could Help Create a Vaccine

Chicago Tribune Online
David Siik at Equinox puts benefits of running into a fitness class

Nature: International Weekly Journal of Science
Targeting multiple myeloma

South Florida Business Journal
Scripps Florida scientists land $2.4M grant to develop painkillers

Bloomberg News - Online
BRIEF: Scripps wins $2.4 million grant to develop new pain meds [Sun Sentinel]

Portland Press Herald
Gerritsen offers naming rights to readers who help fight Alzheimer’s

ALN Magazine Online
Possible Alzheimer's Treatment Restores Memory in Animal Models

Palm Beach Post Online, The
Wellington High valedictorian thrives under pressure

Scientists uncover surprising new details of potential Alzheimer's treatment

Scientists uncover surprising new details of potential Alzheimer's treatment

Scientists Uncover Surprising New Details of Potential Alzheimer's Treatment

Scientists Uncover How Molecule Protects Brain Cells in Parkinson’s Disease Model

Scripps Parkinson's study points to a key enzyme as a potential drug target

South Florida Sun Sentinel Online
Learn about life science careers at event Thursday

South Florida Sun Sentinel Online
Scripps receives $1.2 million grant for cancer drug

Citybizlist South Florida
PGA National Women's Cancer Awareness Days Raise $148,000 for Scripps Florida Cancer Research

South Florida Sun Sentinel Online
Scripps Florida gets $3.3 million research grant

Science Times
Cure for Cancer: Cure-All Borrelidin Molecule Could Hold the Key to Cancer Treatment

Biologists Decode an Ancient Cancer-Fighting Antibiotic

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
Powerful Antimicrobial Mechanism Revealed for Natural Compound
TSRI scientists uncover unique mechanism of natural product with antimicrobial, anti-cancer effects

Bloomberg News - Online
BallenIsles Men's Golf Association One-Day Charity Golf Tournament Sets Another National Donation Record

South Florida Sun Sentinel Online
Game-changer agreement addresses health issues

Did Researchers Just Unlock a Type 1 Diabetes Cure?

South Florida Sun Sentinel Online
Scripps awarded grant for drug development

The Guardian
Of mice and old men: is the elixir of youth finally coming of age?

Business Standard - Online
New compound prevents onset of type 1 diabetes in animal models

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Online
Ribosome Assembly Process Validated as Anticancer Drug Target

Palm Beach Post, The
Scripps finds anti-aging cocktail

Telegraph, The
Have scientists found the elixir of youth? New class of drugs will help you roll back the years

Inside Higher Ed
Get Over the Guilt

New York Times
Protection Without a Vaccine

Sci Guru
Long-term Memories Lost in Aging Brain Due to Structural Connectivity Defects
Scientists find a defect responsible for memory impairment in aging

Palm Beach Post, The
FAU says it will launch science college with Scripps, Max Planck

Scientist Online, The
How We Age
Study shows less aggressive behavior toward strangers in autism spectrum disorder model

My Palm Beach Post
Possible HIV breakthrough reported by Scripps Florida

Wall Street Journal - Atlanta Bureau, The
Molecule Shows Ability to Block AIDS Virus

The New York Times
New Approach to Blocking H.I.V. Raises Talk of an AIDS Vaccine

The Independent
HIV vaccine tests showing very positive results, researchers say

Palm Beach Post, The
Thinking about ‘Alice’ — Jupiter Scripps scientist’s insight on Alzheimer’s

Laboratory Equipment Online
Microbes Prevent Malnutrition in Flies

Yahoo! India
Killing mechanism that can underpin Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases discovered

Possible mechanism underpinning Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases

Key pathway protects cells against death by stress

Palm Beach Illustrated Online
Education Station: CELLebrate Science

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
JNK Kinase Inhibitors May Serve as Potential Parkinson's Therapies

Scripps investigators refine new drugs for Parkinson's disease
Novel Compound May Shut Down Pancreatic and Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells
Syngap1 Gene Mutation Linked To Intellectual Disability, Schizophrenia and Autism

The Town-Crier
Scripps, PNC To Host ‘Food For Thought’ Lunch Series

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Online
Genetic Technique Explored for Preventing Intellectual Disabilities

LPGA golfers unite for Prader-Willi Syndrome Research

Palm Beach Post Online, The
Area students get hands-on neuroscience experience

Drug Discovery & Development Online
Researchers Create Novel Platform for Pancreatic, Breast Cancer Treatment

San Diego Union-Tribune, The
Scripps Research CEO Pressing Forward

Chemical & Engineering News
Method Identifies Elusive Antigens

Palm Beach Post Online, The
Scripps Florida to hold annual science event at The Gardens Mall

Scientist, The
Know Your PIO

Palm Beach Daily News
Scripps gets boost from O’Keeffe Foundation
MA Startup Padlock Therapeutics Reels In $23 Million

Palm Beach Post Online, The
Leta Lindley Prader-Willi Classic to benefit research at Scripps

South Florida Business Journal Online
Scripps Research Institute lands $2.3M grant to study PTSD

Quanta Magazine
New Twist Found in the Story of Life’s Start
Diabetes & Obesity – on a Personal Level

Citybizlist South Florida
Frenchman's Creek Residents Learn about Scripps Florida's latest Discoveries and Research
Scientists identify new therapeutic targets, screening test to uncover compounds for memory disorders

Drug Discovery & Development Online
Targets, Tests May Develop Treatments for Memory Disorders

Scripps cancer spinout Xcovery grabs $20M from a pharma partner in China

South Florida Sun Sentinel Online
Scripps Florida to host life science career event

Orlando Sentinel Online
Florida's Ebola response a model for other states: Editorial

South Florida Sun Sentinel Online
Florida handling Ebola crisis

South Florida Sun Sentinel Online
Scripps Florida in race to find Ebola vaccine

San Diego Union-Tribune Online
Scripps to make artificial immune system

South Florida Sun Sentinel Online
Scripps Florida studies ways to counteract chemical weapons

South Florida Business Journal Online
Scripps snares $6M to build artificial immune system

Palm Beach Post Online, The
Scientists find a promising new approach With ALS

Heads Still Dry, Scientists Try New Approach With ALS

Drug Discovery Today
A Gene Linked to Disease Found to Play a Critical Role in Normal Memory Development

Dentistry Today - Online
Genetic Mutations Associated with Salivary Gland Tumors

San Diego Union-Tribune, The
New Tool in Drug Discovery

Medical News Today
Scientists shed new light on nerve cell growth

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Online
NIH Awards Scripps Researchers $2.6M to Develop Stem Cell Lines

The bond breaker: Chemist Roy Periana

Florida Weekly
Scripps scientists find targets for breast cancer intervention

How genetic mutation causes early brain damage

DDNews Online
Scripps launches new drug discovery initiative

Medical News Today
Scientists unravel the molecular secret of short, intense workouts

South Florida Sun Sentinel
Scripps to study drug-addicted babies' brains

Drug Discovery & Development Online
Scientists Find New Breast Cancer Targets

Palm Beach Post Online, The
CrossFit pill? Scripps Florida finds genetic clue to intense exercise

South Florida Business Journal Online
Scripps scientists win $2M grant for nutrition study

Yahoo Health
The Health Benefits Of Wine: Cheers!

Palm Beach Post Online, The
Scripps Florida gets $2.3 million grant from NIH

Palm Beach Post Online, The
Workout in a pill? Scripps Florida researchers find new clues about red-wine chemical resveratrol

R&D Magazine - Online
Scientists find connection between gene mutation, key symptoms of autism

Gene Mutation, Key Symptoms of Autism Appear to Be Linked

Wall Street Journal, The
The Scripps Research Institute Announces 'Scripps Advance,' a New Drug Discovery Initiative

How Basic Research Fuels Medical Advances

Scripps Unveils New Drug Development Arm, Signs J&J as First Partner

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Online
J&J Innovation Center Joins Scripps Advance Drug Discovery Effort

South Florida Business Journal - Online
Scripps partners with Johnson & Johnson to spur new companies

South Florida Sun Sentinel
Scripps scientists seek dengue fever treatment

Scientific American Online
Memories of Meth Can Be Deleted

Palm Beach Post Online, The
Oxy addiction in newborns focus of new Scripps Florida research

Medical News Today
Team identifies novel biomarker for head and neck cancer and non-small cell lung cancer

Medical News Today
Scientists offer 'best practices' nutrition measurement for researchers

'Best practices' nutrition measurement for researchers

Drug Discovery & Development Online
Scientists Awarded $2.3M to Study Dengue Fever, Related Viruses

Christian Science Monitor, The
Lab results raise question: Do we need oil if we have natural gas?

Palm Beach Post, The
Commentary: When it comes to science, Florida really does lag the country

MSNBC Online
Experts see cheaper, easier way to turn natural gas into fuels

WPTV-TV Online
Scripps Research Institute celebrates anniversary

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Online
Bacterial Resistance Mechanism Exposed: New Antibiotics May Follow

Palm Beach Post Online, The
Scripps Florida wins $2.3 million federal grant to study memory problems
Mining the human genome to manipulate tiny bits of DNA to kill cancer

WPTV NBC 5 West Palm Beach
To the Point interview with Michael Marletta

Palm Beach Daily News Online
Gephardt speaks on importance of medical research

Jupiter Courier
Guest editorial: Scripps Florida: From an idea to thriving center of research

Scientists Offer New Insight Into Neuron Changes Brought About by Aging

Toronto Telegraph
Scientists develop promising drug candidates for pain, addiction | Toronto Telegraph

South Florida Sun Sentinel
Students 'think pink' to help in battle against breast cancer