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Wall Street Journal
The Scripps Research Institute Announces 'Scripps Advance,' a New Drug Discovery Initiative
How Basic Research Fuels Medical Advances

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News - Online
J&J Innovation Center Joins Scripps Advance Drug Discovery Effort

South Florida Business Journal - Online
Scripps partners with Johnson & Johnson to spur new companies

Sun Sentinel
Scripps scientists seek dengue fever treatment

Scientific American - Online
Memories of Meth Can Be Deleted

Palm Beach Post - Online
Oxy addiction in newborns focus of new Scripps Florida research

Medical News Today
Team identifies novel biomarker for head and neck cancer and non-small cell lung cancer

Medical News Today
Scientists offer 'best practices' nutrition measurement for researchers

'Best practices' nutrition measurement for researchers

Drug Discovery & Development - Online
Scientists Awarded $2.3M to Study Dengue Fever, Related Viruses

Christian Science Monitor
Lab results raise question: Do we need oil if we have natural gas?

Palm Beach Post
Commentary: When it comes to science, Florida really does lag the country
Experts see cheaper, easier way to turn natural gas into fuels

WPTV-TV - Online
Scripps Research Institute celebrates anniversary

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News - Online
Bacterial Resistance Mechanism Exposed: New Antibiotics May Follow

Palm Beach Post - Online
Scripps Florida wins $2.3 million federal grant to study memory problems
Mining the human genome to manipulate tiny bits of DNA to kill cancer

WPTV NBC 5 West Palm Beach
To the Point interview with Michael Marletta

Palm Beach Daily News - Online
Gephardt speaks on importance of medical research
Neurons: Scripps Florida scientists offer new insight into neuron changes brought about by aging

Jupiter Courier
Guest editorial: Scripps Florida: From an idea to thriving center of research

Palm Beach Post - Online
Scripps Florida lands $1.8 million grant for lung cancer study

Scientists Offer New Insight into Neuron Changes Brought About By Ageing

Scientists Offer New Insight Into Neuron Changes Brought About by Aging

Toronto Telegraph
Scientists develop promising drug candidates for pain, addiction | Toronto Telegraph

Palm Beach Post - Online
Scripps Florida scientists report progress on new type of pain medicine
Study: two new compounds could treat addiction, pain, without altering moods

Softening the Blow of Bad Memories

Scientists identify possible key to drug resistance in Crohn's disease

Town-Crier Newspapers - Online, The
Golf Tournament Will Benefit Scripps Florida Jan. 18-19

Drug Discovery & Development - Online
Atom-Level View of Muscular Dystrophy Defect Leads to New Drug Candidates
Daily pill that could end arthritis agony in a week

Yahoo! Health
How To Erase Your Unwanted Memories
H.O.W. Hearing the Ovarian Cancer Whisper Awards more than $40,000 through Fellowship

Experimental compound shows benefits in rheumatoid arthritis treatment

Palm Beach Daily News - Online
Scripps Florida developing daily pill to ease joint inflammation

Drug Discovery & Development
Potential Drug for Inherited Cancer Identified

Palm Beach Daily News - Online
Scripps adds to private philanthropy staff

Palm Beach Post - Online
Commentary: Why Scripps Florida will be worth the investment

Sun Sentinel
Students 'think pink' to help in battle against breast cancer

Lab Manager Magazine - Online
Scientists Develop New Process to Create Artificial Cell Membranes

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
Workings of Body’s Master Energy Regulator Revealed

Palm Beach Post
Scripps researcher wins $2.8 million innovator award