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Microdissection System (La Jolla)

The Core Microscopy Facility, located in LaJolla, California, has an Arcturus PixCell II Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) instrument. This instrument is attached to an Olympus IX 50 and is equipped with a Hitachi CCD color camera (KP-D580).  It can also be used independently to capture images from H&E or HRP stained sections on glass slides. For microdissection, specific cells are identified either individually or as groups in paraffin embedded or frozen tissue sections on slides suitably stained or immunolabeled. Using a laser and a simple "aim and shoot method", this instrument permits the precise isolation of the identified cells from the rest of the tissue section for more specific analysis using modern molecular biology techniques. Hence tumorigenic cells for example can be specifically identfied, isolated from apparently healthy tissue for detailed anaylsis of DNA, RNA or proteomics. A new technique developed recently also permits the isolation of these cells for study in the electron microscope. The PixCell II monitors the entire process, and store images of the cells removed in the archiving workstation.

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