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Dr. Courtney Miller awarded grant to uncover ways to erase toxic PTSD memories.
December 2014 - TSRI News and Views

Scripps Florida scientists unveil new targets, test to develop treatments for memory disorders.
December 2014 - newswise

Dr. Brock Grill promoted to Associate Professor.
November 2014 - TSRI News and Views

Graduate Student, Scott Baker (Grill lab) and postdoctoral fellow, Xin-an Liu (Puthanveettil lab) awarded prizes for oral presentation during Research Fest 2014.
November 2014 - TSRI News and Views

Dr. Gavin Rumbaugh awarded grant renewal to study genetic defects tied to intellectual development.
October 2014 - TSRI News and Views

Dr. Laura Bohn promoted to full Professor.
September 2014 - TSRI News and Views

Dr. Miller awarded to study impact of pain medication exposure in the womb on developing brain.
June 2014 - Sun Sentinel

Dr. Martemyanov receives the Cogan Award.
May 2014 - ARVO

Dr. Martemyanov and Senior Research Associate, Olga Ostrovskaya, identify critical new protein complex involved in learning and memory.
April 2014 - TSRI News and Views

Dr. Page and Research Associate, Amy Clipperton-Allen, find connection between gene mutation, key symptoms of Autism.
April 2014 - TSRI News and Views

In mapping feat, Dr. Tomchik and Research Associate, Tamara Boto, pinpoint neurons where select memories grow.
March 2014 - TSRI News Release

Study by Dr. Tomchik shows how brain cells shape temperature preferences.
February 2014 - TSRI News and Views

Federal grant awarded to Dr. Puthanveettil to study memory problems.
February 2014 - Palm Beach Post

Department of Neuroscience Faculty participate in The Florida Symposium on the BRAIN Initiative.
January 2014 - UF McKnight Brain Institute

Srini Subramaniam and Research Associates, Shahani and Pryor, find regulator of Amyloid plaque buildup in Alzheimer’s disease
January 2014 - TSRI News and Views

Sathya Puthanveettil and Research Associates, Rizzo, Kadakkuzha and Akhmedov, offer new insight into neuron changes brought about by aging.
January 2014- Newswise