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Purpose & Procedures

The purpose of TSRI’s Compliance website is to provide:

  • An effective site from which researchers and support staff can obtain up-to-date and adequate information on the new requirements;
  • A prominent location to provide public access to TSRI’s Policy and procedures in compliance with the revised regulatory requirements; and
  • Links to TSRI’s Policy, Disclosure System, FCOI Training, and FCOI Travel, along with documentation and essential details to assist all employees, and in particular, research staff, in complying with federal regulations, and institutional policies.

To comply with the PHS revised regulations for disclosure of significant financial interests (SFIs) that reasonably appear to be related to institutional responsibilities, TSRI has replaced the Outside Professional Activities Disclosure Form with the Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Disclosure Form ( (referred to as Disclosure Form).  The Disclosure Form retains employee disclosure requirements for other Outside Professional Activities that may impact commitment.  TSRI employees are required by TSRI Policy to complete the Disclosure Form at the following times:

  • Upon being hired or beginning to use TSRI facilities;
  • Within 30 days of acquiring or terminating a reportable relationship;
  • At an annual renewal period upon request to do so;
  • At the time of applying for PHS funds to support their research and prior to engaging in PHS-funded research (research staff only).