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SoF Research Symposium 2012

The annual SoF research symposium showcases the most exciting research projects in the institute. We aim to encourage presentation and discussion of research in the TSRI community with emphasis on the most exciting research projects. This year's Symposium was held on September 19 as part of National Postdoc Appreciation week. The prizewinning oral and poster presentations were:

ORAL PRESENTATIONS: Immunology and Microbial Science:
1st Place: Yi Ting Koh ($300)
2nd Place: Amanda MacLeod ($200)
3rd Place: Jose Garcia ($100)

ORAL PRESENTATIONS: Cell & Molecular Biology:
1st Place: Eveline Bouwens ($300)
2nd Place: Toshihide Kurihara ($200)
3rd Place: Wei Xiong ($100)

ORAL PRESENTATIONS: Chemistry & Structural Biology:
1st Place: Abhishek Chatterjee ($300) + Jared Purton Memorial Award
2nd Place: David Veesler ($200)
3rd Place: Timothy Barker ($100)

ORAL PRESENTATIONS: Experimental Med., Neurosciences, & Translational Research:
1st Place: Ku-lung Hsu ($300)
2nd Place: Jeffrey Savas ($200)
3rd Place: Rupak Doshi ($100)

POSTER PRESENTATIONS: Chemistry & Structural Biology:
($50) Nicole Schirle
($50) Rakesh Sit

POSTER PRESENTATIONS: Immunology & Microbial Science:
($50) Kiyomi Komori
($50) Marianne Chabod

POSTER PRESENTATIONS: Cell & Molecular Biology:
($50) Elena Menichelli
($50) Nabanita De

POSTER PRESENTATIONS: Experimental Med., Neurosciences, & Translational Research:
($50) Sheena Saayman
($50) Ranjeet Sinha

Congratulations to everyone who took part.