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The SoF Outstanding Mentor Award

The Career and Postdoctoral Services Office and the Scripps California Society of Fellows established the Outstanding Mentor Award to honor the considerable dedication of faculty who consistently and enthusiastically serve as effective mentors to graduate students and postdocs.  The award recipient will be honored with a plaque and $500 in funding to support team building or training efforts in his or her lab.  The awardee will be announced during National Postdoctoral Appreciation Week, September 18-22, 2017.  Previous winners are Drs. Michael OldstoneMG Finn, Ian Wilson, Hollis Cline, Jack Johnson, and Ashok Deniz. Additional information about previous winners is available here.

Nomination criteria: Postdocs and graduate students may nominate any faculty member who has guided and contributed to their personal or professional development through a mutually trusting and respectful relationship. We seek nominations of faculty who:

  • Develop mentees’ research and professional skills
  • Respect and support scholars’ goals
  • Offer valuable career planning and job search assistance
  • Model effective leadership
  • Go beyond expectations of being a group leader and excellent scientist, and demonstrate a long-term commitment to their trainees' development.

Nominations should include the mentor's current CV and letters of recommendation from past or present mentees. 

The nomination form and supplementary materials are due by Friday, August 12, 2016. Email to Career Development Chair Michael

Selection process: Nominations will be reviewed by TSRI’s Director of Education, members of the SOF Executive Committee, and the Career and Postdoctoral Services Office. 

Updated re-submissions of prior applications are allowed and encouraged.  With a submitted nomination form, mentors nominated in previous years will be considered.  Nomination materials submitted in previous years are already on file, but submission of additional materials is recommended.  Prior award recipients are not eligible.

Send the nomination form and supporting materials (and any questions) to Career Development Chair Michael Ledbetter at