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Postdoc Open Mic Night at Bella Vista

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The open mic night is open to the public. We invite speakrs from the surrounding institutes to give short talks and share their science. This event takes place at the Bella Vista caffe.

The aim of the open mic night is

  • to provide a platform for postdocs to speak in a public setting
  • to foster interaction between the people doing hands-on research in the scientific institutes and companies in the San Diego area, and with local businesses, biotech and the general public.

The format of the evening is that our guest judges give brief talks to introduce themselves and their backgrounds and current ventures, followed by up to seven five-minute talks by postdocs.

These will be roughly on a first-come first-served basis; however, entries may be grouped to provide variety, or depending on the guest judges.  The judges will select winners from the speakers based on their ability to communicate to a wide audience.

The anticipated audience will be a mixture of scientists, business personnel, and general public, so talks should be aimed at those with a limited scientific background, but contain sufficient detail to be of interest to the majority of the audience.

Submitting an abstract for a talk

Please fill in the Google form here or below (must be logged into Google)

Abstracts are 250 words. We will contact you to check your availability for a given night. Where possible, advance notice will be given of upcoming guest judges.

Fall Schedule 2016

Wednesday August 17th

Finals Night


Jane Dyson Ph.D.: Professor, The Scripps Research Institute

Diego Miralles M.D.: President, Adaptive Therapeutics, Adaptive Biotechnologies corp

Sponsored by Essen Bioscience and MaxCyte Flow Transfection and Denator

Tap Takeover by Duckfoot Brewing

Wednesday September 14th


Oivin Guicherit Ph.D. Principal Scientist, Janssen: Pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson

Dave Hyndman. Founder and Brewmaster Reckless Brewing

Sponsored by Innovative Cell Technologies

Wednesday October 19th


Scott Thatcher Ph.D.: CEO and Director, Orphagen Pharmaceuticals

Mary Canady Ph.D.: Senior Marketing Manager, Synthetic Genomics Inc.

Sponsored by E&K Scientific and Biocision

Wednesday November 16th



Fall Schedule 2015

Wednesday August 12th

Stephen Demarest Ph.D.: Senior Research Advisor, Eli Lilly
Géza Ambrus Aikelin Ph.D.: Senior Scientist, Janssen

Sponsored by GE life sciences

Wednesday September 9th

Mary Canady Ph.D.: Founder, San Diego Biotech Network
Bernhard Geierstanger Ph.D.: Director of Protein engineering, GNF

Sponsored by Life Technologies

Wednesday October 14th

Matt Dunphy: 1798 Consulting
Dana Buckman: CEO, Flow Paradigm

Sponsored by Discovery Scientific Solutions and Omega Scientific

Wednesday November 11th

Ashok Deniz Ph.D.: Professor, The Scripps Research Institute
Supriya Jaiswal Ph.D.: CEO and Founder, Astrileux

Sponsored by Innovative Cell Technologies

Contact information

For more info, or if you are interested in being a guest judge, please email



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