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Course Reimbursement Program

To help trainees prepare for a range of professional endeavors, the TSRI Society of Fellows provides funds to reimburse postdocs and graduate students for the cost of specified professional development courses and networking events.

This program reimburses eligible individuals up to $350 per year. However, funding for this program is finite. Therefore, if demand exceeds resources, applicants may only receive partial reimbursements for their courses.
We encourage trainees to confirm course eligibility and availability of reimbursement funds prior to taking courses by contacting

Courses and Fees Eligible for Reimbursement

Eligible reimbursements include registration fees for pre-approved courses or networking events pertaining to professional development.   

Courses and Fees Ineligible for Reimbursement

  • Fees for social events organized by the Society of Fellows.
  • Courses that end (i.e. the last day of the course) after termination of affiliation with TSRI.
  • Courses that start before the individual begins his or her appointment at TSRI.
  • Conferences or research training seminars.   
  • Courses that teach skills/techniques for academic research (e.g. bioinformatics, x-ray crystallography, computational biology, etc).
  • Courses or events that take place outside the United States. 

Reimbursement Procedure

Submit a completed Course Reimbursement Form online no later than 4 weeks after the course or networking event ends.  The following attachments are required:

  • Copy of the course or networking event description/announcement and fees.  
  • Itemized copy of receipt(s), cancelled check, or credit card statements to show payment for registration, required books, software, and/or other directly related course materials.
  • Proof of successful completion of the course: passing grade, certificate of completion, or instructor/organizer notation. For networking events, you must provide evidence of attendance (name badge, handouts, or copies of business cards of people you met)

Course Reimbursement Form


Q: How much will I get reimbursed?
A: You will be reimbursed for the actual cost of the course, up to $350 annually.  Note: this is a maximum; your reimbursement may be lower, depending on the total demand for this program and availability of program funds.

Q: What happens if the program runs out of funds?
A: There is a limited budget for the Course Reimbursement Program. If the annual program funds are depleted, or are in jeopardy of depletion, before the end of the calendar year, SoF will update this webpage with new individual reimbursement limits.  

Q: Can I submit a reimbursement request if I already received a reimbursement for a different course?
A: Yes. For instance, postdocs can be reimbursed for the San Diego Lab Management & Leadership Symposium and the Transition to Industry Symposium in the same year, provided the combined total is under the $350 annual reimbursement limit. For the purpose of this program, a year is defined as January through December.

Q: When will I get my reimbursement check?
A: Generally within 2-4 weeks of submitting your form. 

Q: Can I get the check before I start the course?
A: No. This is a reimbursement program which is contingent upon completion of the course and submission of the form and all relevant documents.

Q: Can I get reimbursed for a scientific seminar or conference?
A: No.  If you are interested in attending a scientific conference, you should check out the SoF Travel Award Program.  

Q: What if the course I want to take does not appear on the pre-approved list?
A: You can appeal to the SoF executive committee to have your course added to the list - email

Q: Can I get reimbursed for parking? 
A: No. Parking is not a reimbursable expense under this program. 

Q: I missed the 4-week reimbursement window.  Can I still get reimbursed?
A: No.

(questions can also be directed to