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Next Generation Sequencing Core


The TSRI Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Core is a full-service facility providing library preparation and sequencing services. The facility currently operates Illumina and Ion Torrent sequencing systems, as well as a Fluidigm, Biomark HD, high throughput real-time PCR and digital PCR system.

Our Illumina Hiseq2000 system typically generates 100 base single-end reads or 2 X 100 paired ends reads with outputs up to 200 milion reads per lane and 8 lanes per flowcell. The Illumina Miseq sequencing system is used for 2 X 75 base or 2 X 300 base reads, generating up to 25 million reads per run.

The Ion Torrent sequencing systems include, the Proton, currently generating 80 million reads on the PI chip (read lengths averaging 150 bases), and the PGM averaging read lengths around 400 bases up to 5 million reads per run.

The BioMark™ HD System performs high throughput real-time PCR and digital PCR, integrating thermal cycling and fluorescence detection. 96 samples can be tested with 96 PCR primer sets generating 9,216 qPCR data points in a single run. Protocols for single-cell qPCR have been successfully implemented on our system. Using the Fluidigm Access Array, one can PCR amplify 48 different samples with up to 48 different PCR primer sets and recover the products for Next Generation Sequencing analysis.