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Next Generation Sequencing Core

The Scripps Research Genomics Core Facility housed in MEM Rm 250/256 was established in 2008. Instruments that are currently active in the core include: Illumina NextSeq, Illumina Miseq, Fluidigm Biomark HD, Oxford Nanopore long read sequencing system, 10X Genomics droplet instrument, and Bio-Rad QX200 digital droplet PCR system. Also, we have equipment for printing and scanning custom microarrays. We encourage parties interested in using our facility to set up a meeting with Steven Head or Phil Ordoukhanian, call 858-784-2263 or internal 4-2263 (email: or to discuss details and specifics about experimental design, sample preparation, and costs. Our facility has extensive experience in preparation of sequencing libraries as well as novel sequencing technology applications.