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Electron Microscopy Samples and Techniques

The following is a list of some of the samples and protocols that we have carried out in the EM facility over the past 15 years.

  • Negative staining of various viruses including Adenovirus, Cow pea mosaic virus, Coxsackie virus, Cytomegalovirus, Dengue, Ebola, FIV, Flockhouse virus, H1N1, HCV, HIV, LCMV, M13, PERV, Q-beta, SIV & Tungro viruses and various isolated proteins.
  • Bacteria (negative staining, thin section, immunoEM) including Chlamydia, Mycobacteria and the unicellular parasites Microsporidia and Malaria.
  • Tissue culture for en face views e.g. studying cell-cell junctional complexes and for transverse section e.g. examination of cell adhesion sites.
  • Tissue culture using filter inserts for development of cell polarity, cell junctions and cell migration patterns.
  • Invertebrate tissues including C. elegans and insect CNS, PNS, muscle tissue and alimentary canal.
  • Organelle suspensions (mitochondria, ribosomes, isolated pancreatic islets, liposomes, synaptosomes, exosomes, melanosomes, growth cone particles, isolated nuclear envelope & platelets).
  • Cell suspensions including blood, macrophages as well as virally infected cells.
  • Most mammalian tissue types both healthy and diseased including Adipose tissue, bladder, blood, bone marrow, brain, cochlea, eye, epididymis, jejunum, kidney, liver, lung, skin, spinal cord, striated muscle, heart muscle, pancreas, spleen; we have also looked at carotid artery thromboses, tumors, and various foetal tissues including blood vessels, meninges, brain, developing eye, skin and developing femoral nerve).
  • Plant tissues (healthy and virally infected).

Specialty techniques including:

  • Magnetic beads (antibody coated) for isolating specific viruses and specific organelles (e.g. exosomes).
  • ‘Rip-off’ technique as applied to view clathrin coated pits (Mettlen et al 2010) and as originally described by (Wilson et al 2007).
  • Cryo-immunogold labeling of cells and / or their organelles.
  • Immunogold labeling of isolated viruses (e.g. HCV) and isolated proteins e.g. amyloid fibrils.