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BZ-X700 Fluorescence Microscope

BZ-X700 Fluorescence Microscope


BZ-X700 Hourly Rate:
     TSRI trained user $10.00/hr    peak hrs: (9am - 5pm mon-fri)  
     $5.00/hr  non-peak hrs 
Contact  for training.

Keyence BZX700 is an All-in-one Fluorescence Microscope

The Keyence BZX700 is an All-in-one Fluorescence Microscope.  It is an inverted, fully motorized slide, and multi-plate scanning microscope. It is equipped with a highly sensitive, cooled monochrome/color switching CCD 4K camera, which can be used without a darkroom.

The system has the following Optics: 

  » 100x oil Plan Apo, 1.45na/0.13mm, Ph2
  »  60x oil Plan Apo, 1.4na/0.13mm, Ph2
  »  40x air Plan Apo, 0.95na/0.25-0.16mm,Ph2
  »  20x air Plan Apo,0.75nm/1.0mm, Ph1
  »  10x air Plan Apo,0.45na/4mm,Ph1
  »   2x air Plan Apo, 0.1nm/8.5mm

BZ-X700 Fluorescence Microscope_fig3

With high-speed, precise motion control, the system efficiently allows for multi-platform capture of high-definition fluorescence (filter cubes included for Blue/Green/Red/far-Red signal separation), brightfield, and phase contrast images.  The system is capable of image stitching, autofocus for uneven samples, multipoint capture and image quantification through simple operations within the Keyence software.  Images can easily be converted to orthogonally projected high resolution tiffs and imported into IMARIS (Bitplane) and Image Pro Premier (Media Cybernetics) for further quantification. The BZ-X is the ideal widefield scanner for stitching large sections of tissue of varying thickness or whole plates (slides, 96-well plates and 35mm dishes for example) for high throughput analysis.