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Center for Protein and Nucleic Acid Research

The Center for Protein and Nucleic Acid Research, housed in Science Park 3040 Room 290, is a full service facility focusing on Edman Protein sequencing, Peptide Array and Library synthesis, specialty Nucleic Acid synthesis, and Aptamer selection (SELEX). The facility also works collaboratively with the Next Generation Sequencing Core and the Microarray Core to develop and implement novel sequencing and array applications.

DNA sequencing: Sanger sequencing service is no longer offered. For Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), please see the NGS Core website.

Protein Sequencing: We are equipped with an ABI Procise 494 protein sequencer.

Nucleic Acid Synthesis: We are equipped with an ABI 8909 Synthesizer. 

Peptide Array and Library synthesis: We utilize an IntavisAG SPOT peptide synthesizer to make our peptides for arrays and libraries. Peptides are synthesized on membrane, up to 1536 different peptides per synthesis and cleaved to produce approx. 35 ug of peptide. These can be arrayed onto standard microscope slides up to 6000 spots per slide for peptide binding or activity assays. 

Aptamer selection (SELEX): The Center has extensive experience in the techniques employed for in vitro selection (SELEX) experiments. 

Please call or email to discuss potential projects.