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Microarray Core Facility

Sample Submittal

Experimental Design:

Because it is not practical to develop one experimental design that is appropriate for all microarray experiments, several factors should be considered when designing microarray experiments for measuring gene expression changes in biological systems. Please see the Experimental Design PDF file for more information.

Submittal Form:

All samples to be submitted to the Core Facility for processing and hybridization to the Glycov2 GeneChip must be accompanied by this submittal form. Due to the recent emphasis on data being MIAME (Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment) compliant, we ask that you please fill out as much information as possible.

For more information regarding MIAME compliancy, please visit the MGED Society (Microarray Gene Expression Data Society) webpage.

Sample Requirements:

Ideally, a minimum amount of 10ug of total RNA should be provided at a concentration of 1ug/ul in water. However, as little as 10-200ng may be sufficient with an additional round of amplification using the Small Sample RNA Preparation Protocol. For more information on small sample preparation, please see the RNA Amplification section of our website.

RNA to be submitted must be purified using a Qiagen RNeasy column. It is highly recommended that you use our RNA Sample Preparation Protocol on all samples to be submitted for processing. More information on RNA sample isolation and preparation is available in the RNA Isolation section of our website.

Shipping Instructions:

RNA Samples should be packaged on a sufficient amount of dry ice.

Send RNA samples by Federal Express overnight delivery to the DNA Array Core Facility.  DO NOT have samples arrive on a Saturday or Sunday.

Please contact the Core Facility Director and provide the Federal Express tracking number once the samples have been shipped. You will be notified by phone or email once the samples have been received.

For further information or questions about arranging for your RNA samples to be processed, please contact Ryan McBride at (858) 784-2263. If desired, Affymetrix can be contacted directly at (888) 362-2447 or through their website,