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Microarray Core Facility

Custom Microarrays

The Microarray Core Facility has instrumentation and experience in spotted microarray manufacture, hybridization, confocal scanning and data analysis. Custom spotted microarrays can be printed with a variety of materials including glycans, carbohydrates, peptides, glycopeptides, small molecules, DNA/RNA, proteins and any other client provided reagents.

Since 2005 we have manufactured and provided the Mammalian Glycan Array for the Consortium for Functional Glycomics (CFG) which is available as a fee-for-service screening tool at Emory University (CFG Mammalian Glycan Array Service). As of November 2014, a Microbial Glycan Microarray (MGM) comprised of glycans sourced from multiple bacterial species will be available via the same fee-for-service mechanism. More information about the composition of the array and the bacterial species represented can be found here.

In addition to in-house manufactured arrays, we will assist with other custom or commercial arrays which are compatible with confocal micrarray scanners (e.g. Agilent, ProtoArray, LecChip).

Our lab is equipped with a wide variety of instruments, which in combination provide our customers with a state-of-the-art custom printing facility. Our services include: Preparation of your samples, production of custom arrays, and processing, scanning and analysis of your arrayed slides. Our customers are directly involved with the design of their arrays. In addition, our customers are trained on all protocols and procedures involved for custom arraying and slide processing.

If you are interested in performing an experiment using custom glass slide arrays, please contact Ryan McBride or Steve Head at the Microarray Core at (858) 784-2263.