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Microarray Core Facility

Sample Submittal

We highly recommend consulting with the Microarray Core facility personnel to help plan the design of your experiment. Factors such batch affects, adequate sample size and cost issues are best approached on an individualized basis and, ultimately, will increase the quality of experimental outcome. Contact Tony Mondala or Steve Head at 858-784-2263 to discuss your experimental design.

Sample Storage

The Microarray Core Facility will store any leftover total RNA, cRNA and hybridization cocktail at -80°C for up to one month, following delivery of final data. Samples may be stored longer than the allotted month AT YOUR OWN RISK. We are NOT responsible for materials left in our possession for more than one month! If you would like to reuse your material in the future, please be sure to collect your total RNA, cRNA and hybridization cocktail when you pick up your data.

Shipping DNA/RNA Samples

DNA samples can be shipped in TE Buffer on wet ice or lyophilized with no refridgeration. RNA can be shipped on dry ice. Both DNA and RNA can be shipped at ambient temperatures following stabilization in RNAstable/DNAstable (Biometrica).