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Biostatistics Data Analysis

The biostatistics focus area centers primarily around developing and applying statistical methods to a wide range of topics in biological research, and downstream analysis of genomics and proteomics data. Biostatistical services have become increasingly important in the biosciences, one example of which is the updated standards of Rigor and Reproducibility from the NIH:

We encourage all investigators to consider working with our biostatistics group members on experimental design, letters of support, and grant submissions.

Biostatistics Analysis Services include:

  • Pathway and gene ontology analysis
  • Classification/clustering analysis
  • Gene annotation
  • Generalized and/or linear mixed models
  • Statistical graphics and programming
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Population genetics
  • Quantitative genetics
  • Data visualization
  • Promoter analysis
  • Preparation of figures for publications
  • Statistical support and consultation including providing advice on various aspects of statistical design and analysis
  • Support grant applications with experimental design recommendations and power/sample analysis