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NWiS Executive Committee

Chair Alison Kreisler, postdoctoral fellow in the Zorrilla lab
Vice Chair Lauren Smith, third-year graduate student
Treasurer Emily Bentley, third-year graduate student
Outreach coordinators Jae Engle and Vivian Dien, third-year graduate students
Publicity officers Maggie Kurbanov, postdoc in the Janda lab, Salome Murinello, postdoc in the Friedlander lab
Advocacy reps Mariana Gadaleta, postdoc in the Russell lab and Sophie Shevick, graduate student
AWIS liaison Liz Jacobs, postdoc in Boger lab
Society of Fellows liaison Gaia Suckow, staff scientist
Advisory Board Members Ryan Wheeler and Jean Branan, TSRI Career and Postdoc Services


Executive Board (left to right) Back: Vivian Dien (Outreach Coordinator, grad student); Lauren Smith (Vice President, grad student); Maggie Kurbanov (PR officer, Post-doc); Front: Emily Bentley (Treasurer, grad student); Jae Engle (Outreach Coordinator, grad student); Alison Kreisler (President, Post-doc); Gaia Suckow (SoF liason, Post-doc); Sophie Shevick (Advocacy Coordinator, grad student)

For further information on NWiS structure: NWiS Bylaws