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March '12 Coffee Hour

February 29, 2012

Ever worry that you are not as smart/capable as those around you?  Think you obtained your scientific position by fluke and fear the day when you will be exposed as a fraud? You are not alone! Studies have shown that the "Impostor Syndrome" is common among those in scientific careers. Please join us for a coffee hour discussion of "No, You're Not an Impostor", an article from Science Magazine.  You will find that the "Impostor Syndrome" is common among scientists at all professional levels, and you will learn ways to overcome this sometimes debilitating fear so that you can make the most of your scientific talents. There's been a lot of discussion online about this over the last few months. You might find Athene Donald's blog post on the subject interesting. As ever, there'll be tea, coffee, snacks and lively debate.