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Conference Room Descriptions

Below is a list of the conference rooms on the Scripps Research Campus. For location, click here to see conference room map.

Large Conference Rooms

W.M. Keck Foundation Amphitheater - BCC1
150 Seat conference facility in the Beckman Building.

Located in the Skaggs Institute Building, formerly the Molecular Biology Building, second floor, room 220.

Immunology East Conference Room - IMM1E
Immunology Building, First Floor.

Dorris Center Auditorium East - DNC1E
Dorris Neuroscience Center, Room 108.

Small Conference Rooms

Beckman 2nd Floor Conference Room - BCC2
The Beckman Center for Chemical Sciences, Room 246.

W M Keck Foundation Conference Room - BCC3
The Beckman Center for Chemical Sciences, Room 350.

E.B. Scripps Conference Room - BCC4
The Beckman Center for Chemical Sciences, Room 450.

The Roon Foundation Conference Room - BCC5S
The Beckman Center for Chemical Sciences, Room 502.

J.W. K Kellogg II Conference Room BCC5N
The Beckman Center for Chemical Sciences, Room 546.

Money/Arenz Foundation Conference Room - IMM1W
Immunology Building First Floor West.

Dorris Center DNC 200
Dorris Neuroscience Center, Room 200. 3528 General Atomics Court

Dorris Center DNC 106
Dorris Neuroscience Center, Room 106. 3528 General Atomics Court

DNC1W - Dorris Center Auditorium West (12)
Dorris Neuroscience Center, Room 108 A. 3528 General Atomics Court

MEM Multipurpose Room, Podium Side - MEM1EP
Molecular & Experimental Medicine Building Room 105A.

MEM Multipurpose Room, Table Side - MEM1ET

HR Training Room
HR Training Room. building 3366 Torrey Pines Court, Suite 205

Bldg 3366 TPC, Room 325
Conference table seats 8 - 10 Extra chairs in room

Timken Amphitheater

GH1 - Valerie Timken Amphitheater
Scripps Green Hospital First Floor.

Faculty Club

The Faculty Club has a number of rooms available for member-sponsored events.

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