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About TSRI's Graduate Program

The Scripps Research Institute Graduate Program's philosophy toward education, with an emphasis on individualized instruction, adherence to the highest scientific standards, and reputation for research excellence, provides an unparalleled environment for advanced study. Because most of the important problems in biology and chemistry today require an interdisciplinary approach in their solutions, in 1989 TSRI established an innovative graduate program to help integrate the disciplines of cell and molecular biology, structure and chemistry. In 2005 the Graduate Program accepted its first graduate students at its new campus in Palm Beach County, Florida. Now there are two outstanding campuses, Jupiter, Florida and La Jolla, California, in which to conduct your graduate research.

Get a sense of life and learning on our beautiful campuses, explore our programs, facilities, and find out all you need to know about applying to TSRI's Graduate Program. Admission standards are the same for the La Jolla and Florida campuses. Applicants can apply to either or both campuses through the online application system.

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