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Group Seminar Schedule 2016

Keck Amphitheater (Guests Welcome to Attend)
Begins at 11 am, unless otherwise stated.

Please email yysee[at] concerning group meeting dates.



Lit. Review

Mech. Problem

04-30-16 TBD (McClymont, 2016) Kanda Peters
04-23-16 TBD (Malins, 2016) McClymont Kanda
04-16-16 Helvetica Chimia Acta: Albert Eschenmoser (Tian, 2016) Malins McClymont
04-09-16 Lipids (Fatty Acids) in Organic Synthesis (Smith, 2016) Tian Malins
04-02-16 Revisiting Nickel (Edwards, 2016) Smith Tian
03-26-16 Dow (Chu, 2016) Edwards Cernijenko

Group Seminar Library

Acridine Alkaloids (Lockner, 2006)

Acylsilane Chemistry (Dixon, 2011)

Agrochemistry: Insecticides (Cherney, 2011)
Ajmaline and Sarpagine Alkaloids (Newhouse, 2006)
Alkane Hydroxylation (Voica, 2009)
All-Carbon Spirocycles (Cherney, 2012)
Allenes (Dao, 2012)
Al Padwa (Krawczuk, 2009)
Alkaloid Photochemistry (Eastman, 2006)
Alois Fürstner (O'Malley, 2006)
Angewandte Chemie Year in Review: 1996 (Martinez, 2012)
Angewandte Chemie Year in Review: 1998 (Lo, 2012)
Angewandte Chemie Year in Review: 2004 (Guerrero, 2005)

Antiparasitic drugs: malaria and the forgotten ones (Oberg, 2014)
(The) Anomeric Effect (Krawczuk, 2005)
Anti-Baldwin Cyclizations (Wengryniuk, 2013)
Aphidicolin (Khoroosi, 2005)
(The) Art & Science of Natural Products Chemistry: Koji Nakanishi (Lin, 2004)
(The) Art & Science of Natural Products Chemistry: William Fenical & Satoshi Omura (DeMartino, 2004)
Arthur J. Birch (Hafensteiner, 2005)
Aryldiazonium Chemistry (Brückl, 2011)
Atroposelective Biaryl Synthesis (Gulder, 2008)
Aziridines in Synthesis (Jessing, 2007)

C–C Bond Activation (Luzung, 2009)

Camptothecin (Chen, 2007)
Cation-Radical Cycloadditions (Su, 2007)
Carbocyclic Propellanes (Lopchuk, 2014)
Cembranoid Natural Products (Newhouse, 2007)
Cepharamine and Related Alkaloids (Mitsos, 2005)

Cheletropic Reactions (Martinez, 2013)

Chemistry in Germany: The Young Generation (Götz, 2011)
Chemistry of 1-Acyl Pyridiniums (Lin, 2006)
Chemists with Named Oxidations (Simke, 2015)
Can. J. Chem. 1980-1985 (McClymont, 2015)
Cladiellin, Briarellin, Asbestinin & Sarcodictyin (Maimone, 2007)
Classic Corey Tetrahedron Letter's (Shenvi, 2006)
Classic Terpene Syntheses (Maimone, 2005)
Classics in Chemische Berichte (Schöne, 2008)
Classics in Helvetica Chimica Acta (Biskup, 2007)
Classics in Tetrahedron Letters (Richter, 2003)
Clayton H. Heathcock (Luzung, 2008)
Cobalt in Organic Synthesis (Foo, 2009)
Computer-Assisted Organic Syntheis (Maimone, 2006)
Conservation of Helical Asymetry (Burns, 2005)
Controversial Mechanisms in Organic Synthesis (Seiple, 2010)

JACS Year in Review: 1979 (Edwards, 2015)